Agile Concepts Graphics

By Brian Lucas

I created this simple graphic to demonstrate what the generic concept behind agile is.  What are your favorite agile diagrams?

About Brian Lucas

In his life, Brian Lucas has been a coach, farm worker, forester, health care advocate, life guard, general contractor, mechanic, mixologist, musician/singer (in a rock group), salesman and teacher. Brian has worked as a project manager, technical marketer, methodologist, manager, software architect, systems designer, data modeler, business analyst, systems programmer, software developer and creative writer. These efforts include over a hundred hi-tech initiatives in almost every business and industrial sector as well as government and military projects. Among them, he designed and developed a quality assurance system for the first transatlantic fiber optic communications network, a manufacturing system for a large computer manufacture’s seven manufacturing centers, a data mining system for steel production, an instrumentation system for cable systems, defined requirements for government’s information systems and designed and developed human performance management systems. Brian has educated and mentored many over the years, designing programs to discover and develop talent. He has also lectured extensively to a variety of audiences. Brian is currently devoting as much time as possible to the innovation of business agility and human capital management along with the next generation of agile software development. As an amateur theoretical physicist he is working on joining general relativity and quantum mechanics through a multidimensional time corollary on string theory and negating the uncertainty principle with Louis de Broglie’s wave/particle hypothesis. He is also an avid blue-water sailor and wilderness backpacker. He enjoys billiards, boxing, chess, cooking, famous battle reenactments and war gaming, fencing, flying, gardening, horseback riding, martial arts (particularly Ninjutsu), philosophy and psychology, playing musical instruments (7 so far), poker, rapid-fire target shooting, reading (he tries to read a new book every night), painting with oils, scuba diving, skiing and recently writing novels.
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8 Responses to Agile Concepts Graphics

  1. Jack says:

    I like this graphic! It is simple, colorful and sums up the process well. I am going to print it out and distribute it to our development teams. -Jack

  2. J. Donaldson says:

    I just got a copy of your chart and I when to you site to see if there was any explanation for it. do you have any detailed explanation for this and where code maintenance fits in?

    • Brian says:

      J.D. in a IT setting the code maintenance is continuous and begins day 1 code is written and is totally influenced by every pass through the cycle. It only stops when the code is retired. The fist objective of code maintenance to to make sure the code supports all the latest variations of the user story. The second is to improve the efficiency of the code when it makes business sense.

  3. Maryann says:

    Neat graphic! I am printing this one out and hanging it up.

  4. Leigh says:

    Don’t have a graphic of my own. This is cool and colorful though.

  5. Shari says:

    I like this graphic! It says it all in a simple way.

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